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Graphic Novelists: Don’t be Shy! Send Us Your Work!

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Anthony Hosey on Writing “Vacancy”

I am a painfully slow writer (a combination of procrastination and an almost obsessive need to over-analyze my every word choice) yet, for some reason, this story, “Vacancy,” seemed to pour out of me one afternoon. I would estimate the whole process, from conception to the first finished draft, took place over the course of six days. I put it away and forgot about it for nearly two years, until deciding to switch from a third-person to a second-person perspective after a candid conversation with one of my professors. After that, I decided to submit it to The Westchester Review for consideration in one of their issues.

My editor for this piece, Lesleigh Forsyth, was immeasurably helpful throughout the publication process. Her suggestions, tips and overall passion for the project allowed me to add a layer of depth and gravity that was previously absent. Without her, I truly the believe this story would not have nearly the same impact on the reader, nor resonate as strongly with me.